· Apr 17, 2020

Complex Detail Filter for Subscription

I want to check the SDA to see if a patient had two diagnosis on the same day using a Detail Filter in Push. What is the best way to approach this?

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Hi Paul,

I looked at this and I think your best way is to create a Delivery Detail Filter in HealthShare Delivery Management, then apply it to your Subscription Policy under Subscription Management. Look up the chapter "Subscription Filters" under Unified Care Record Clinical Message Delivery Guide book for details.

In particular, your XPath Context (the root of the tree that the filter operates on) will be "/Container/Diagnoses" and the XPath expression will probably be "count(Diagnosis)>1 and Diagnosis/EnteredOn=following::Diagnosis/EnteredOn" (I had not tested this...) This is a bit crude... from the look of it, it will only flag those that have exact timestamp... you may need to process the XML timestamp a bit as in "substring-before(EnteredOn,'T')" - you would replace EnteredOn with this expression - that should chop off the timestamp. 

After you create this Detail Filter, you should be able to see it in the Detail Filters tab on your Subscription Policy for your Source/Event Type/ Information Type/etc... Subscription Basis.

I hope this helps somewhat...

Good luck!