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Thanks Manel

It worked great. Admittedly, I got the surrounding text out when I actually wanted the XML out. But by your example I was able to turn it around and get the XML out.

Working string: XMLstr

set xmlheadstart=$f(XMLstr,"<?xml ")-6
set xmlheadend=$f(XMLstr,">",xmlheadstart)-1
set firsttag=$tr($p($e(XMLstr,xmlheadend+1,*),">",1)_">",$c(13,10))
set tag=$p($e($p(firsttag," ",1),2,*),">",1)
set xmlend=$f(XMLstr,"</"_tag_">")
set NewXMLstr = $EXTRACT(XMLstr,xmlheadstart,xmlend-1)

Quit NewXMLstr

The NewXMLstr variable now contains the entire XML fragment.
Many thanks!

Regards Michael

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