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You are absolutely right! I was also starting to think it was the html presentation. But I initially thought it would be like wysiwyg in the SQL window of the portal.

Thank you so much and you explained the "conundrum" for me :O)

Regards, Michael

Thanks for reply.

This was tricky. Maybe I'm being visually deceived.

The text I am trying to enter is 24 characters long. If I take the selected value after and paste it into notepad, it shows the length 21.

But your suggestion to try SQL select length on that column/value shows the value 23


Hello and many thanks for the help! It worked. I think I read your answer a little too fast the first time and thought you meant that I should read the stream FROM the linked file instead of TO.

Thanks again! I should have seen or tested binary data myself, I think :0(.

Regards Michael

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