Hello and many thanks for the help! It worked. I think I read your answer a little too fast the first time and thought you meant that I should read the stream FROM the linked file instead of TO.

Thanks again! I should have seen or tested binary data myself, I think :0(.

Regards Michael

Thanks Jeffrey for your answer! I looked at a solution earlier with "LinkToFile" but since I do not know where the file is physically located I abandoned that idea. We are connected to a POP account against an MS Exchange server and I do not even know if it is possible to access the file physically.

But we will take a closer look at that possibility.

Otherwise it seems like we must  use %Net.POP3. I otherwise thought that there were advantages to using EnsLib.EMail.InboundAdapter as it has several functions automatically such as scanning for and deleting mail etc.

Regards Michael

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