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Hey Robert,

thanks for the answer, but i dont think it resolve my Problem.What Happens After That 10 Minute Periode when I make 3 parallel calls with the Invalid Session? 

Maybe the User is 2 Hours away (in This time the Session Timed out and also the Grace Time) Then the User cames back change the Page where are called 3 parallel request to csp. I think it will take 3 licenses.

Hey Robert,

thanks for the fast answer. Do you know if it's possible to delete these global buffers?

So I can reproduce that problem again and again. It would be much easier to find out, what makes the request so slow.


First thanks for your help!

Now I wrote my own class to get JSON direclty from SQL with custom keys declared with as in SQL:

ClassMethod GetArrayFromSQL(pVar As %String = "", pSQL As %String = "") As %Library.ListOfDataTypes

    #dim parameter = 0
    for {
        set value=$piece(pVar,"#",$increment(parameter))
        if ( value = "" ) { quit }
        set parameter(parameter) = value
    set parameter = parameter - 1
    #dim list            = ##class(%Library.ListOfDataTypes).%New()
    #dim tStatement        = ##class(%SQL.Statement).%New()
    #dim tStatus        = tStatement.%Prepare(pSQL)
    #dim tResult        = tStatement.%Execute(parameter...)
    #dim columnCount    = tResult.%ResultColumnCount

    while( tResult.%Next() ) {
        set offsetName = -8
        set object = ##class(%ZEN.proxyObject).%New()
        for i = 1:1:columnCount {
            set newKeyName = $list(tResult.%Metadata(0),$increment(offsetName,10))
            set command = "set object.%data("_$char(34)_newKeyName_$char(34)_") = tResult."_newKeyName
            xecute command
        do list.Insert(object)

    return list

Best regards

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