Yone Moreno · Mar 16, 2020

invalid HTTP version, using SoapUI to send a HL7 message as XML



We have a Service which behaves differently even though two equal Soap UI XML requests are being sent, from different systems.


When it is being sent from the other system, our Service's log shows:

ERROR <Ens>ErrGeneral: invalid HTTP version'xmlns:ges="http://XXX.XXXXXXXXX/GestionPacientes">'  


When we send the same XML message from SoapUI, it is being processed by our system.


We have checked that the service's NAMESPACE is: "http://XXX.XXXXXXXXX/GestionPacientes"


How could we debug further this behaviour?


We have read:




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Hola Yone,

Not sure what version do you have, but if you look at EnsLib.SOAP.InboundAdapter .cls you will see when this error is raised.

In my version, basically it is doing, first line is "tLine" variable:

$p($p(tLine," ",3),"/",1)

If it's not "HTTP" then error is raised.

So, I will check what is in Raw tab: