Hey Developers!

Please check out the 2020 annual Developer Community Posts digest. Don't miss the most popular and commented posts!
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Hey Developers,

Thank you so much for being with InterSystems Developer Community for yet another year!

Day by day our team is trying to make it better and more useful for InterSystems developers. More than 10K+ members are already registered in our Community!

We'd like to know how helpful the Developer Community is for you today. Please take a few questions to let us know what do you think and what could be improved.

👉🏼 InterSystems Developer Community Annual Survey 2021 👈🏼

Note: The survey will take less than 5 minutes to complete.

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Hi, Community Members!

The goal why we are posting questions on Developer Community is to get the answer.

Here is very simple guidelines document on how to ask questions which would get answers.

When you post a question you need to feel 3 fields: title, body, and group. And tags.

1. The Title

A good title should contain the brief description of your problem - it should not be longer than 80-90 symbols.

But brief doesn't mean one word. These are not very good titles for questions: Cache, Ensemble, Peace, World.

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Hi Developers,

We're super excited to share with you the new awesome functionality of the Online Analytics Dashboard for every Community member 🔥

From now on, you can see your own detailed statistics for the current week, month, and all time, including:

  • number of views, likes, comments, followers
  • timeline graphics of views, likes, actions with your posts, comments
  • a table containing info about views, comments, and likes for your every post

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      Hi Community! Here is a digest of the Most Noticed InterSystems Developer Community Questions for 2019. Please welcome!
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      Hi Developers!

      Recently I was asked, “How can a beginner in InterSystems technologies learn from InterSystems Developers community content to improve his developer skills”?

      This is a really good question. It has several answers so I decided to write the post with the hope it could be useful for developers.

      So! How to learn Intersystems Data Platforms(IRIS, IRIS for Health) from InterSystems Developers community content if you are a beginner?

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      Hi Community,

      We are excited to announce that InterSystems Developers Meetups are finally back in person!

      The first Python-related meetup will take place on July 21 at 6:00 at Democracy Brewing, Boston, MA. There will be 2-3 short presentations related to Python, Q&A, networking sessions as well as free beer with snacks and brewery tours.


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      Hey Developers,

      It's time to announce the Top Contributors of the InterSystems Developer Community for 2021!🎉

      We are pleased to reward the most active contributors across all regional DC sites (EN, ES, PT, JP, CHN):

      • Top Authors
      • Top Experts
      • Top Opinion Makers

      Let's take a closer look at the DC Wall of Fame 2021 and greet everyone with big applause! 👏🏼

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      Hey Community,

      We're thrilled to invite you to the next "InterSystems Iberia Summit 2022", which will be held in-person once again. Registration is already open!

      Join us in this important event where we'll bring together InterSystems customers and partners and also employees and members of the Developer Community - to learn, inspire and share innovation challenges with each other:

      ➡️ InterSystems Iberia Summit 2022

      🗓 November 16 – 17, 2022

      📍Valencia. The Westin Valencia hotel

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      Hi Developers!

      We are introducing a new feature on Dev Community site – Key Questions by InterSystems Developers.

      We've added a new special #Key Question tag to highlight questions related to InterSystems Data Platforms considered as having the biggest impact.

      Each month InterSystems Experts will choose such questions, and those authors will be awarded with all the honours!

      What honours? Details in this post!

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      Hey Developers,

      Good news! One more upcoming in-person event is nearby.

      We're pleased to invite you to join "J On The Beach", an international rendezvous for developers and DevOps around Big Data technologies. A fun conference to learn and share the latest experiences, tips & tricks related to Big Data technologies, and, the most important part, it’s On The Beach!

      🗓 April 27-29, 2022

      📍Málaga, Spain

      This year, InterSystems is a Gold Sponsor of the JOTB.

      We're more than happy to invite you and your colleagues to our InterSystems booth for a personal conversation. As always, there will be some surprises on it... 😁

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      · Sep 25, 2017
      September 2017 DC Release

      Hi, Community!

      I'm pleased to announce that we deployed a new release of Developer Community.

      With this release we introduce:

      1. New post type is introduced: Announcement

      Choose Announcement as a post type if you want to say about a new product or feature release, about some new services in your company, if it is event announcement or there is a new job position open in your company.

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