Olga Zavrazhnova · Sep 13, 2022

InterSystems at HackMIT hackathon

Fall Hackathon Season is ready now! 

InterSystems will take part in HackMIT hackaton, a long-weekend hackaton organized by the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), where thousands of students come together to work on cool software and/or hardware projects. This year the HackMIT is in-person again, at the MIT campus, and will take place during the first weekend of October.

This year the main tracks are Education, Sustainability, New Frontiers, and Entertainment.
InterSystems challenge will be related to 1 or 2 of the main tracks and will be revealed on September 28.
Stay tuned! 


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HackMIT it's a great event! I hope this year could be bigger than the last one. heart

Agree - last year's event was so much fun! And it was so successful, with the help of our superb mentors! :)
This year they do it fully in person, I also hope it will big and awesome!