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Hi Tirthankar,
You probably need to set up the Object Gateway classpath correctly.

I've just got it working as follows:

  1. Get the proper .jar files

I've copied them from the jgw container:

docker cp jgw:/jgw/FirstDemo.jar shared/ 
docker cp jgw:/jgw/gson-2.8.5.jar shared/     
docker cp jgw:/jgw/intersystems-gateway-3.1.0.jar shared/
docker cp jgw:/jgw/intersystems-jdbc-3.1.0.jar shared/    
docker cp jgw:/jgw/intersystems-utils-3.1.0.jar shared/

You can also generate your .jar files, just make sure it contains all the required dependencies.

  1. Set up your local Object Gateway:
  • IP address:
  • Port: 4444
  • ClassPath: /shared/FirstDemo.jar:/shared/gson-2.8.5.jar:/shared/intersystems-utils-3.1.0.jar

After that, start your Object Gateway, you should see something like:
Executing O.S. command: java -Xrs -classpath /shared/FirstDemo.jar:/shared/gson-2.8.5.jar:/shared/intersystems-utils-3.1.0.jar:/usr/irissys/dev/java/lib/JDK18/intersystems-gateway-3.1.0.jar:/usr/irissys/dev/java/lib/JDK18/intersystems-jdbc-3.1.0.jar com.intersystems.gateway.JavaGateway 4444 "" "" ""

  1. Modify some of the PEX components in the production, e.g. FirstOperation:
  • Gateway Host: localhost
  • Gateway Port: 4444

That should work.


It seems the code was using a deprecated image name.
I've just updated it to use intersystemsdc/jgw.

Please, try again.


Try using ..%Process to access the actual business process instance (BPL).

Set SourceConfigName = ..%Process.%PrimaryRequestHeader.SourceConfigName 

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