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Ok, I've just reviewed the translation of Chapter 4 to english. Here I talk briefly about Indirection in ObjectScript and, mostly, about Globals... Enjoy! 

Thanks for sharing Steve. I think these real use cases of security configuration are really useful. 

2 decades went by Robert??? 😰 Time flies... CSP was great at that time... it was a breath of fresh air for our installed base and competed very well with other technologies in those years... But current front-end technologies make magic nowadays... they're powerful and change a lot and fast. Which is good... and bad... Angular versions change in a blinking... in 7 years, 11 major versions.....difficult to follow them up. I realize the beauty and simplicity of our proposals...with CSP, ZEN,... when you start to learn other front-end frameworks... but the communities behind them let them improve and grow up day-to-day... no way that a single company can compete against that.

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