I think that that's not valid as "in theory" he doesn't know the name of variables. I would try this:

ClassMethod Indirection()

    set TABLES(0)="EVEN"
    set TABLES(1)="ODD"
    for i=1:1:100
        set table = TABLES((i#2))
        set @table@(i)=

    zw @table
    set evenTotal=0
    set i=""
        set i=$ORDER(@table@(i)) QUIT:i=""  
        set evenTotal evenTotal+@table@(i)
    zwrite evenTotal

Hi again, I've just added to the article the slides that I used during the video tutorial. Feel free to use all of some of them. If you do, the only thing I would kindly ask you is to include a link as a reference to this article within our community.

For the ones that contacted me, you were right, the repository in GitHub was set as private. It's set to public now: GitHub Repository - Examples 

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