· Jun 21

Developer Community AI is here!

Greetings and welcome to the new era of AI innovation on the Developer Community...

🚀 InterSystems Developer Community AI 🚀

Developer Community AI (DC AI), our new chatbot assistant, is here to answer your questions!

It leverages the InterSystems IRIS Vector Search and is powered by SerenityGPT, providing the most relevant answers sourced directly from the InterSystems Developer Community. Additionally, it can respond in any of the six supported languages (EN, ES, PT, JP, CN, FR)!


    How to use:

    • Log in: Access your account on the Developer Community.
    • Navigate to DC AIGo to the DC AI page through the "What's New" block located at the top right corner of the main page.

    • Ask your question: Submit your question directly on the page.

    Additional features: 

    • If you don't find the answer you need, easily convert your question into a post using the "Ask Community" button.
    • Share your chat with others using the share button () and save/copy answers for future reference ().
    • Dive deeper into related Community posts listed in the Sources section on which DC AI's answers are based.

    We want your feedback.
    As we're still in beta, your feedback is crucial to improving Developer Community AI:

    • Rate answers using the Like/Dislike buttons.
    • Share specific feedback, suggestions, and ideas in the comments of this post.

    Try the DC AI today!
    Ask your questions and share your experience with the Community.

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    a personal hint:

    • be as precise in your question as possible.

    example (with shortened replies)
    - how to run IRIS ODBC client install in a fresh container ?   >> use IRIS container as base  😕
    - how to run IRIS ODBC client install in a NOT IRIS based container ? >> No idea, ask developer community 🤒
    - how to connect to Cloud SQL from Apache Superset osing ODBC and TLS/SSL ?
    >>> what I really has in mind.  (found it by accident)  
    Reply is quite detailed It's the example from the announcement above  I'll try

    Hi Robert! Yes, this is clearly the case where there is no answer on DC for the question, and AI compiled the answer from what it had, assuming maybe that JDBC and ODBC are "almost" the same, which is not true. That's why we have "Beta" in the service and a certain disclaimer.  

    Perhaps for this question the accurate answer should be "I don't have the answer - ask the community." right?

    Fantastic, @Anastasia Dyubaylo !

    Congratulations to everyone who is involved! Thanks to all the DC contributors - now your contributions plus IRIS Vector Search technology + SerenityGPT solution will help to find answers quicker and not only in English - try other languages!

    Please feel free to share your feedback here, not only negative ;) We are still learning how to leverage properly this innovation and will be glad to any feedback that will help to convert the technology to a true value!