· Aug 23, 2017

Share Your InterSystems Solution on InterSystems Global Summit 2017

Hi, Community!

For those developers who are attending Global Summit 2017 this year: you have an opportunity to share your solutions, framework, and experience with the rest GS attendees and Developer Community.

On Monday 11th we would have Developer Community Sessions in Tech Exchange Open House (see the agenda).

Every presenter would have 10 minutes for slides and 5 minutes for questions. So we have 6 slots available at the moment.

We would have a live stream of the event on DC YouTube so you would be able to watch it and ask questions in comments to the streaming over Internet.

If you want to participate and share your InterSystems solution or framework leave the comment to this post, we would contact you directly.

The agenda of the event would be updated here upon incoming requests.

Share your InterSystems Developer Solution on Global Summit 2017 the largest annual InterSystems Solutions Developers Conference

Current agenda for the meeting:


   5:00 pm

Dependencies and Complexity

  [@John Murray]

   5:15 pm

RESTForms - REST API and UI Framework for your persistent classes

  [@Eduard Lebedyuk]


   5:30 pm

DeepSee Web - Angular and Mobile UI for Deepsee Dashboards

  [@Evgeny Shvarov]


   5:45 pm

Caché ObjectScript Code Quality Management

  Carlos Carlà

   6:00 pm

Docker, why and how it can be used in development

  [@Dmitry Maslennikov]


     6:15 pm

  Kano MDM - Master Data Management Solution

   [@Ludmila Valerko]


A Secure Distributed System DevOps Architecture with Caché, Git Ansible and Object Synchronization

   [@Amir Samary]` 
     6:45pm   Visualizing DeepSee Data Your Way

   [@Peter Steiwer]





Live Stream on DC Channel. Ask your questions!


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