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InterSystems IRIS Periodic Table

GlobalsSQL DatabaseDocDB - Document DatabaseMultidimensional Cube DatabaseNLP DatabaseObject DatabaseJDBC DriverODBC DriverNative API for JavaNative API for .NETNative API for PythonC/C++ Callin/CalloutNative API for Node.jsObject ScriptCaché MultivalueCaché Object ScriptCaché BasicCSP/HTML SupportT-SQLInfrastructure as Code (IaC)DockerInterSystems Kubernetes OperatorIRIS in the Google Cloud PlatformIRIS Community EditionZPM - Package ManagerIRIS in the AzureIRIS in the TencentIRIS Sharding supportInterSystems Cloud ManagerInterSystems in the AWSInterSystems On-PremisesEnterprise Cache Protocol - ECPMachine LearningR and AI robotizationNLP - Natural Language ProcessingMDX - MultiDimensional ExpressionsAutoML - InterSystems IntegratedMLAnalytics/BI - Business IntelligenceInterSystems ReportsPowerBI SupportPMML - Predictive Model Markup LanguageApache UIMAApache SparkAnalytical DashboardsInterSystems Developer CommunityInterSystems Open Exchange - Open Source Apps, Samples and templatesInterSystems Worldwide Response Center InterSystems Learning ServicesInteroperability AdaptersDTL - Data TransformationMQ - Message QueueEAI - Enterprise Application IntegrationESB - Enterprise Service BusAPI ManagerCDC - Change Data CaptureBAM - Business Activity MonitoringBPLIoT - Internet of ThingsSOA - Service Oriented ArchitectureApplication/Service GovernanceData EncryptionAuthorization ManagementAuthentication ManagementAudit ManagementLabel SecuritySSL/TLSSOAP/API SecurityUser Portal SecurityData/Assets SecurityDisaster Recovery - Backup and RestoreData Intensive - ESG ReviewBig DataArtificial IntelligenceAPI Driven EconomyDigital HealthPublic SectorDigital TransformationHyper automationBusiness SectorData as ServiceSoftware as ServiceIRIS as BackendIRIS as Mobile backendIoT Backend

PDF version:

GIT sources:

InterSystems IRIS is a Data Platform with a lot of features. These features and relevant topics about IRIS is represented in the periodic table elements.

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A nice colored table but I miss almost all internal used languages:

COS is hidden as "Obs", 
BUT: No BASIC, NO MultiValue, No HTML, No T-SQL / ISQL, no sign of any kind of  Networking 
Also, Globals as THE core store technology seems to be lost. 

Thanks for the quick improvement!
Is it possible to have some link behind the boxes ?
What I  have in mind is a fast directory into Documentation, Subjects in DC, Learning & Training, ...
If all 3 three (or more) have it in common as a starting point,
then search for help and information could become quite easier.   

Great idea! I will create a mapped image to allows click in the element and go to the documentation.

Thanks, Robert! Will add a few corrections:

COS stands for Caché ObjectScript. Now the name of language is InterSystems ObjectScript, so Obs is OK

There is no BASIC anymore in IRIS (I think). 

Globals! This is a must.

newSpeak [Orwell 1984} :  ISOS   - accepted  wink.  or ISCOS ?   pls. not IOS !!  
Not that I  used BASIC more than for a quick 5 line demo. It is still visible in Studio.

the most remarkable feature: it compiles directly to  .obj code without touchable intermediate code (.INT) 


What a beautiful idea! Thank you!

If these boxes could be clickable and point to documentation/tag would be a nice features table!

Ready for first column! It is clickable. During today I will create for all elements.

SUPER!   works excellent! A strong improvement for Docs.


Wow! So fast! Thank you, Yuri!

Nice sample. This give me an idea to create a treemap mixed with heatmap as a web app. 

Wow! That's great! 
How to turn a png file into a web app idea laugh


Hi Yuri,

The PDF link doesn't work. 

Link adjusted now. Thanks to report me.

Very Nicely presented, It shows your passion on Intersystem. KUDOS