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InterSystems IRIS Periodic Table

GlobalsSQL DatabaseDocDB - Document DatabaseMultidimensional Cube DatabaseNLP DatabaseObject DatabaseJDBC DriverODBC DriverNative API for JavaNative API for .NETNative API for PythonC/C++ Callin/CalloutNative API for Node.jsObject ScriptCaché MultivalueCaché Object ScriptCaché BasicCSP/HTML SupportT-SQLInfrastructure as Code (IaC)DockerInterSystems Kubernetes OperatorIRIS in the Google Cloud PlatformIRIS Community EditionZPM - Package ManagerIRIS in the AzureIRIS in the TencentIRIS Sharding supportInterSystems Cloud ManagerInterSystems in the AWSInterSystems On-PremisesEnterprise Cache Protocol - ECPMachine LearningR and AI robotizationNLP - Natural Language ProcessingMDX - MultiDimensional ExpressionsAutoML - InterSystems IntegratedMLAnalytics/BI - Business IntelligenceInterSystems ReportsPowerBI SupportPMML - Predictive Model Markup LanguageApache UIMAApache SparkAnalytical DashboardsInterSystems Developer CommunityInterSystems Open Exchange - Open Source Apps, Samples and templatesInterSystems Worldwide Response Center InterSystems Learning ServicesInteroperability AdaptersDTL - Data TransformationMQ - Message QueueEAI - Enterprise Application IntegrationESB - Enterprise Service BusAPI ManagerCDC - Change Data CaptureBAM - Business Activity MonitoringBPLIoT - Internet of ThingsSOA - Service Oriented ArchitectureApplication/Service GovernanceData EncryptionAuthorization ManagementAuthentication ManagementAudit ManagementLabel SecuritySSL/TLSSOAP/API SecurityUser Portal SecurityData/Assets SecurityDisaster Recovery - Backup and RestoreData Intensive - ESG ReviewBig DataArtificial IntelligenceAPI Driven EconomyDigital HealthPublic SectorDigital TransformationHyper automationBusiness SectorData as ServiceSoftware as ServiceIRIS as BackendIRIS as Mobile backendIoT Backend

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InterSystems IRIS is a Data Platform with a lot of features. These features and relevant topics about IRIS is represented in the periodic table elements.

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A nice colored table but I miss almost all internal used languages:

COS is hidden as "Obs", 
BUT: No BASIC, NO MultiValue, No HTML, No T-SQL / ISQL, no sign of any kind of  Networking 
Also, Globals as THE core store technology seems to be lost. 

@Yuri Marx 
Thanks for the quick improvement!
Is it possible to have some link behind the boxes ?
What I  have in mind is a fast directory into Documentation, Subjects in DC, Learning & Training, ...
If all 3 three (or more) have it in common as a starting point,
then search for help and information could become quite easier.   

Great idea! I will create a mapped image to allows click in the element and go to the documentation.

Thanks, Robert! Will add a few corrections:

COS stands for Caché ObjectScript. Now the name of language is InterSystems ObjectScript, so Obs is OK

There is no BASIC anymore in IRIS (I think). 

Globals! This is a must.

newSpeak [Orwell 1984} :  ISOS   - accepted  wink.  or ISCOS ?   pls. not IOS !!  
Not that I  used BASIC more than for a quick 5 line demo. It is still visible in Studio.

the most remarkable feature: it compiles directly to  .obj code without touchable intermediate code (.INT) 


What a beautiful idea! Thank you!

If these boxes could be clickable and point to documentation/tag would be a nice features table!

Ready for first column! It is clickable. During today I will create for all elements.

SUPER!   works excellent! A strong improvement for Docs.


Nice sample. This give me an idea to create a treemap mixed with heatmap as a web app. 

Wow! That's great! 
How to turn a png file into a web app idea laugh


Link adjusted now. Thanks to report me.

Very Nicely presented, It shows your passion on Intersystem. KUDOS