Anastasia Dyubaylo · Oct 17, 2022

The 1st InterSystems Idea-A-Thon Winners - hooray!

Hello Community,

The 1st InterSystems Idea-A-Thon is over. As a result, 75 brilliant ideas – an absolute success, wow! 🤩 

Thank you all for participating with your ideas and contributing with your votes and comments! 

And now we're so glad to announce the winners...

Expert Award

🏆 Change Management for Editors inside of Portal submitted by @Scott Roth  

Community Award

To show our appreciation to our participants, we've decided to expand our Community nomination and award several top-voted ideas: 

🌟 Nodejs with IRIS a dynamic platform submitted by @Sharafat Hussain

🌟 E-learning for job submitted by @Andre Larsen Barbosa

🌟 Code snippets library submitted by @Danny Wijnschenk

All the winners will receive one of our specially prepared prizes: LEGO Star Wars™ R2-D2™ / BOSE Sleepbuds™ II / BOSE SoundLink Flex Bluetooth® speaker bundle.

🔥 In addition to our winners, we'd like to highlight all our participants and their bright ideas. Let's meet all of them:


All Idea-A-Thon participants will get our special InterSystems Branded T-shirt. 


Thank you for such great contributions to the official InterSystems feedback portal 💥

Important note: The prizes are in production now. We will contact all the participants when they are ready to ship.

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Thanks for the opportunity, not being a developer, it was harder to participate in more technical contests.

Thank you #InterSystems for arranging #Idea-A-Thon. It is great to keep on track of innovations while carrying the legacy. 

Congrats winners!

Thanks for giving us this opportunity to share our ideas!

Congratulations to the winners and all participants! Amazing ideas, unexpectedly large amount of new ideas! It was a great experience for me to participate in organization of this event. Thank you!

Thanks for giving us a way to express ideas and changes that we have pondered for years. 

75! I'm so surprised by how many bright ideas community kept in secret that were revealed now! Thanks, Ideas Portal team @Anastasia Dyubaylo @Vadim Aniskin and @Raj Singh for running the idea-a-thon! 

It looks like the next step is the implementation marathon ;)