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Here's one way to verify from VS Code (but independent of the InterSystems ObjectScript extension) that the /api/atelier REST APIs are available on that server.

  1. Start a new VS Code window (no workspace open)
  2. In Extensions view, use the filter to find and install the REST Client extension.
  3. From the File menu create a New Text Document, setting its language to http.
  4. Paste this content:
GET http://localhost/api/atelier/v1/%25SYS HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Basic _system:SYS

Now click on the "Send Request" codelens that appears above the first line.

I think it's possible to do this using our Yuzinji tool. Here's my idea:

  1. Go to, fill in your details, and download Structure101g Studio (S101g) for your desktop platform (one of the 3 icons circled red below):
  2. Read the instructions in to install Yuzinji into S101g, then to add Yuzinji's server-side component to your InterSystems server.
  3. Analyze all your classes and load the results into Structure101g Studio.

But how to identify which deprecated methods or classes are being referenced?

S101g has facility for tagging items on its diagrams. Its "Tag" menu can also export and import a list of tags.

  1. Tag an arbitrary class and an arbitrary method.
  2. Export your tags.
  3. Examine the file.
  4. Write a SQL query to list deprecated classes: select ID from %Dictionary.ClassDefinition where deprecated=1 order by ID  
  5. Format the output to match the structure of the exported tags file, and write this to a file. I'm leaving this as an exercise for the reader.
  6. Import the file into S101g
  7. Repeat previous steps to create a tags file for deprecated methods.
  8. Explore your diagrams to pinpoint the tagged (and therefore deprecated) items.
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