· May 6, 2021

Developer Community Release, April 2021

Hi Developers!

This is a release of how did we improve the Developer Community in April 2021. The key features:

  • Copy-to-clipboard button in code blocks
  • Post translation page
  • Private reply to post
  • InterSystems Official Releases & Alerts page

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Copy-to-clipboard button to code blocks

Now you can easily copy code from any post or comment – just hover over a code block and click on this button:

Post translation page

As you may know, on the DC site you can request a professional translation of the post you like or translate it yourself into any of 5 languages. To make things easier for you, our post translation page has been improved.

1. Select the language you need from the Language drop-down menu:

    2. Select one of two options:

    • Make translation – if you would like to translate a post yourself, click the "Translate" button. 
    • Request translation – if you would like to request a professional translation from us, click the "Request" button.

    Private reply to post

    Now you can easily send a private reply to the author of a post. Just click the "Direct message" button and a subject field will be automatically prefilled with post title. 

    InterSystems Official Releases & Alerts page

    Follow the InterSystems Official tag to be up to date with the latest InterSystems Official announcements. Now it's easy to filter announcements by releases and alerts.

    So, we hope you enjoy our updates! 

    Feel free to submit new requests for improvements and bug reports

    And stay tuned!

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