· Sep 21, 2022

The 1st InterSystems Idea-A-Thon

Hello Community!

We're thrilled to announce yet another type of contest - the contest for the brightest idea! Please welcome: 

💡 InterSystems Idea-A-Thon 💡

Suggest an idea related to InterSystems Products and Services between September 26 and October 16 and receive a guaranteed prize.

Moreover, both InterSystems employees and Community Members can participate!

>> Submit your ideas here <<


InterSystems Idea-A-Thon is organized via the InterSystems Ideas feedback portal where you can submit product enhancement requests and ideas related to our services (Documentation, Dev Community,  Global Masters, etc.) and vote for the ones you like.

In this contest, we invite everyone to share their ideas on this portal and vote for others. 

To join the contest, you just need to submit an idea on the InterSystems Ideas portal.

Accepted ideas should: 

  • be created during the Idea-A-Thon period by a user registered on the InterSystems Ideas portal (you can log in via InterSystems SSO);
  • not be part of other already existing ideas - only new ideas are allowed;
  • not describe the existing functionality of InterSystems Products or Services;
  • contain, in addition to a title, a detailed and clear explanation of the ideas' essence;
  • be posted in English;
  • be accepted as meaningful by experts.

All eligible ideas will have a special “Idea-A-Thon” status on the InterSystems Ideas portal and can be easily found at Idea-A-Thon Ideas.

Who can participate?

We invite EVERYONE to join our Idea-A-Thon. Both InterSystems employees and Community Members are welcome to participate and submit their ideas. 


1. Participant prize – prizes for everyone who posts an eligible idea:

🎁 InterSystems Branded T-Shirt

2. Expert Award – winner will be selected by the team of InterSystems experts, and will get:

🎁 LEGO Star Wars™ R2-D2™ / BOSE Sleepbuds™ II / BOSE SoundLink Flex Bluetooth® speaker bundle

3. Community Award – an idea with the most votes will get:

🎁 LEGO Star Wars™ R2-D2™ / BOSE Sleepbuds™ II / BOSE SoundLink Flex Bluetooth® speaker bundle

Important note: InterSystems employees can only get the participation prize. Expert and Community awards can only be won by non-InterSystems members of the Community. 

Contest period

📝  September 26 - October 16: Publication of ideas and voting period.

Publish an idea(s) throughout this period. Registered members of the Ideas portal can vote for published ideas – these votes are counted towards the Community award.

Note: The sooner you publish your idea(s), the more time you will have to collect votes.


Post your idea(s) on the InterSystems Ideas portal, get prizes, and stay tuned for your idea's status updates!

Good luck 👍

Important note: All prizes are subject to availability and shipping options. Some items may not be available to ship internationally to specific countries. Prizes cannot be delivered to residents of Crimea, Russia, Belarus, Iran, North Korea, Syria, or other US-embargoed countries. We will let you know if a prize is not available and offer a possible replacement.

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Hey Community!

Especially for the 1st InterSystems Idea-A-Thon, we've prepared a special promo video for our Ideas portal:

➡️ Welcome to the InterSystems Ideas
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Don't forget to submit your ideas until October 16 to join our Idea-Thon ;)

p.s. 44 ideas already in the competition...