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Some initial thoughts:

-  There should be a central name registry, to avoid clashing on namespace/database names, package names etc between different package providers.

- Consider assigning a top-level reserved package name (also prefix for globals and routines), and a namespace/database prefix, to avoid clashes with names that end-users of the tools might pick.

- What's the upper limit on namespaces? Databases? Any relevant constraints for Community Edition of IRIS?

Perhaps there's a faulty cached query.

The 2012.1 docs here describe how to use Portal to see what's in the cache, and how to purge items from it.

My guess is you're not testing the SQLCODE variable's result before you try and access the KeyID host variable.

Docs here.

If I go to http://localhost:57772/testwebapp, I get "Not found".

Yes, this is expected. The private instance of Apache which HealthShare runs on your port 57772 isn't set up to serve 'default' page(s).

As for your relative path problem, please show us what your index.html file looks like. Simplify it if you wish, but make sure you don't fix the problem as you do so!

The GetGlobalDest method of %SYS.Namespace is useful in answering your questions, and it doesn't require a switch to %SYS.

For #1, ask it where ^ROUTINE is mapped to.

For #2, don't specify any global name.

For #3, compare the result for your global with the result for #2.

I previously wrote about this method here:

I think we should keep the text background color button.