· Oct 24, 2017

InterSystems Developer Meetup in Cambridge 25th of October 2017

Hi, Community!

We are having InterSystems Developer Meetup tomorrow 25th of October in CIC.

What is it?

It's an open evening event to:

  • know more about InterSystems products and new technology features;
  • discuss it with other developers in your area and with developers and engineers from InterSystems Corporation;
  • network with developers of the innovative solutions.

Why attend?

If you are new to InterSystems data platform, Meetup is a great way to know more and get a direct impression. You can listen to what are the new features and best practices of InterSystems products and discuss your tasks with experienced developers who already used it successfully or with InterSystems employees.

If you are already using InterSystems products it’s a great way to meet in person other developers who are making and supporting solutions on InterSystems Data Platform in your region and to discuss your problems and questions with InterSystems developers and engineers directly.

Why attend tomorrow?

Come tomorrow because we have a great


6-00pm InterSystems IRIS: Sharding and Scalability

We just launched new data platform InterSystems IRIS which comes with sharding feature. Tomorrow Jeff Miller, one of sharding developers will describe you how can you benefit from it and you can ask him how it works.

6-30 pm Optimize Your Workflow with Atelier 1.1

And! Hope you've heard a lot already about our new IDE Atelier! Tomorrow you can listen to the update on how Atelier can help you to develop InterSystems solutions more effectively and you can talk directly to Atelier developer [@Michelle Stolwyk].

7-30 pm Clustering options for high availability and scalability

Also, InterSystems Data Platform is known for its High Availability features.  [@Oren Wolf], InterSystems product manager, will have a session which more details on InterSystems High Availability solutions.

How to find the place?

It's in Cambridge Innovation Center, One Broadway, Cambridge, MA. 

Come at 5.30pm, bring your ID, come up to the 5th floor and join us in Venture Cafe.

Join us for food, beverages, and networking and discuss powerful new InterSystems solutions with other developers in Boston metro area. 

See the live stream recording!

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