Evgeny Shvarov · May 13, 2016

Meet InterSystems Developer Community Twitter!

Hi, Community!

We've launched Twitter for InterSystems Developer Community!

Follow us to be in touch what happens on InterSystems Developer Community. Find valuable postings, hot discussions and best practices links there. You can also retweet and like what you find significant!

See how it looks:

Join! yes

The permalink to join Twitter can be found also on the right of every DC page:


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I am not a fan of tweeter and wish you would have asked the community about it first.

Mike, if you don't like it - you don't use it. 

You'll not miss any DC content if you just subscribe for every post and comment in subscription settings.

DC Twitter is intended to increase the audience for DC highlights. 

Write valuable topic and it will be tweeted on DC Twitter.

@Evgeny great initiative, let's link it up ;)

Luca, thank you! And thanks for the following and retweeting!

That's great! All major companies have twitter accounts even to give some basic support. Will we provide also that kind of service through twitter?