· Apr 23, 2019 1m read

How to add a Translation in Spanish for an Article on DC

Hi Community!

You've possibly noticed ES switcher in articles.

If not - we recently introduced the option to switch to the Spanish version of the article. 

Everyone is able now to add a translation to an article on the Developer Community.

If you want to add a translation request author's permission on the articles page in a Translation tab. 

If the author grants the request you are able to publish the translation with your name on the Spanish Community site. Spanish Community is operating in a "beta version" mode.

if you are an author you receive the notification by email about the request from a particular DC member. It's your decision whether to grant it.

The Example of an English article. 

The Example of a translated Spanish article.

If you want to translate your own article request the permission from yourself and grant it )

The same thing works for Spanish Community site - you can translate the Spanish article in English.  Be sure, you know both languages well! )

Looking forward to see your articles in Spanish and stay tuned for the official launch in May 2019

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