· Jun 25, 2021

Developer Community Release, June 2021

Hi Developers!

This is a release of how we improve the Developer Community in June 2021. The key features are:

  • Improved monthly digest
  • Completely new design of Direct Messages (new features included)

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Improved monthly digest

Numbers everywhere!

We've collected some basic statistics of the DC site and added key numbers to the monthly digest. Now you can easily see the scope of our Community.

New design of Direct Messages

Meet a completely new and improved version of Direct Messages (DM)! 

Just imagine full-fledged Email inside the Community – our members can easily communicate with each other via DM, create conversations for several members, chat on certain subjects, etc.

Create your personal or group chats, add subject, learn about your messages' views, and more...

So what's new?

We've added a side menu with several tabs for easy navigation in DM:

To use the new functionality, select one/multiple/all messages. New features will appear at the top:

1. You can add messages to your bookmarks in one of the following ways:

  • Click on the star icon when hovering over the message subject

  • Select one or several messages and click on the "Add to bookmark" at the top.

2. You can also make any message unread so you can come back to it later and reply. Just select the messages you want and click on "Mark as unread".

All new messages are marked with a blue dot.

For the mobile version, we've developed a modern and lightweight design.


You can easily select messages by clicking on the user's avatar to use one of the features at the top. Move between tabs in the drop-down menu.


We hope you enjoy our updates! 

Feel free to submit new requests for improvements and bug reports. Stay tuned!

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That looks great. I've been exploring other Developer Communities (no, I am not going to defect, I am looking for inspiration from the Python/R/Angular communities), and none of them is as nice and clean and fresh and as well thought out as the ISC DC is, along with OEX and GM.

I asked a question on one of them, and it was rejected for some violation of their stringent rules of what is a question vs a comment vs a .... they sent me a 500-page user manual on the rules. It felt like being back at school. The tone of the email they sent me detailing why my question wasn't a question had the same tone of voice that the wife of the Head Master at the boarding school had when she caught us swimming in the school swimming pool while she was searching the school grounds and all of the hiding places where the headmaster could sneak into to have a drink which was strictly against the school rules as we were a Methodist School. You should have seen her face, on the day, in front of Parents and Schoolboys, when the addiction he had so skilfully kept hidden for most of the 20 years that he had been at the school, were unexpectedly revealed when he fell off the stage into the band area in front of the stage and having picked himself up, he promptly tripped and fell into the strings of the ancient grand piano. The DC Moderator I offended wasn't as drunk as our headmaster nor quite as rude as the headmaster's wife as she screamed at him while the Parent and boys fell off their chairs in either religious shock or convulsive laughter.

Then I came across KDN*G%ETS (sp??) with the main Editor getting into arguments with the DC members who were voicing their opinions of his "5 Best Python Examples for 2021' which, most members agreed, was terrible. The first app was no better than "Hello World" but less fun, the second didn't work, the third was just pointless, even as an example, and quite possibly illegal because if a new developer were to try it, they would most likely never code in their lives again as it was the coding equivalent 'self-harm with nailbrush and bleach'. The 4th was ok but, as one person commented, "it would be quicker to go 'Hey Google, what's the weather like today?'" and the 5th one wasn't a code example at all. It was an advertisement for Jungle Finger Nails and had nothing to do with python other than you sometimes find pythons in jungles.

He was getting quite upset at being treated so awfully by his readers. He pointed out that it had been given a badge of 'best contribution of the month'. It would have been interesting to know what the competition had been because it was quite hard to imagine just how bad those contributions must have been. Secondly, as another helpful DC member pointed out, it was the Editor who had awarded the badge to his own article.

The Home Page had been designed using those three winning web design methodologies that advocate:

cramming as much stuff onto the page as possible, preferably at right angles to the surrounding elements. They had used an assortment of colours that had been chosen on the basis that they were unique (read 'no one would use that colour because it is really horrible'),

balanced, tasteful palette (read 'Orange and Purple really do go very well together, my girlfriend does this thing with Orange and Purple and it's a really cool man'),

and finally the ' HTML 5 without animation is like, /...., well,/... you know its like.... ' (read, 'if the thing next to this thing isn't flashing then you must make it flash and hop across to those cute green and pink SVGs fighting in the Title bar and noooo,... you know you can't have a blink rate on the exclamation points slower than the edge lighting colour change inspired by the lesser-known and largely forgotten collection of musical ditties - 'Experiments and variations on Bach in D#, F minor, with Geese and Zither' by Dvorak.  I am sure that the twitching that has developed in my left eye is somehow linked to accidentally opening newsletter emails from K%79&$*S and not being able to delete them quickly enough.