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Hi David,
Thanks -) Regarding a meaning - it's taken from mgstat source-code (%SYS, routine
Starting point was a line 159 in my local Cache 2017.1:

i maxeccon s estats=$p($system.ECP.GetProperty("ClientStats"),",",1,21),array($i(i))=+$system.ECP.NumClientConnections(),array($i(i))=$p(estats,",",2),array($i(i))=$p(estats,",",6),array($i(i))=$p(estats,",",7),array($i(i))=$p(estats,",",19),array($i(i))=$p(estats,",",20)

Then I guessed a meaning from a subroutine "heading" (line 289).

But the best option for you, I think, is to ask WRC. Support is very good.

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