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How to Learn InterSystems IRIS on InterSystems Developers community? Part 1

Hi Developers!

Recently I was asked, “How can a beginner in InterSystems technologies learn from InterSystems Developers community content to improve his developer skills”?

This is a really good question. It has several answers so I decided to write the post with the hope it could be useful for developers.

So! How to learn Intersystems Data Platforms(IRIS, IRIS for Health) from InterSystems Developers community content if you are a beginner?

Beginner and Tutorial tags

First, it worth to check articles with Beginner tag and Tutorial tags.

Developers who write articles put these tags if they describe the basics or are the tutorials for some InterSystems IRIS features.

InterSystems Best Practices

Next, if you are looking for some serious stuff check the Best Practices tag. Every week InterSystems product management selects a new article and put Best Practices tag on it. So if you subscribe it you have a new InterSystems best practice every week.


Views and Votes

Another way to find helpful posts is to pay attention to what developers on community vote for and what developers read most. Indeed, if a developer finds the article helpful he votes up so we can consider that articles with the most of votes are the most useful. This is the filter of the most voted articles.

Also, the articles with most of the views could be considered useful too, cause not all the developers vote (and voting need the registration) but we count all the reads. So the articles with most of the views maybe not only are the most popular but also are useful.

And often the questions which have accepted answers could be very useful cause it is a solved problem. Same as with articles you can filter questions with accepted answers by votes and by views and hopefully find your answers but definitely is a helpful read.

Ask your questions!

And of course, the best way to learn and get the experience in technology is to practice with it, run into the problems and solve it. So, you’ll have questions during the process and don’t hesitate to ask your questions on InterSystems Developers - sometimes you’ll get the answers even before you end typing the question!


Resources for InterSystems Beginners

And of course, it worth to mention the general resources for developers-beginners in InterSystems data platforms. They are Documentation, Online Learning, Try InterSystems IRIS sandbox, classroom learning, InterSystems Developers Videos.


Developers, you are very welcome to submit other ways and advice on how to learn InterSystems Technology on Developer Community in the comments below.

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