Evgeny Shvarov · Mar 7, 2017

InterSystems GitHub Topics


Recently GitHub introduced topics for the projects.

So you can change your InterSystems related projects introducing the  topics to let it be categorized, more visible and searchable. Here is the list of good examples for your projects (some of them are clickable already):

intersystems, intersystems-cache, intersystems-ensemble, intersystems-healthshare, healthshare, intersystems-iknow, iknow, intersystems-deepsee, deepsee, cache-objectscript, csp, intersystems-zen, zen.

If you have any good ideas for topics or already using something, please introduce it here in the comments?

Better with a working link.

Thank you in advance!

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It's called topics. Tag is a git pointer to a commit (usually to mark release point).

If you are looking for the projects with Caché ObjectScript with sources in UDL you can find it with cacheobjectscript-udl topic on Github. 

And if you have some open projects on Github with sources in UDL please mark it with cacheobjectscript-udl topic? Thank you in advance!