Evgeny Shvarov · Feb 6, 2018

Meet Robert Cemper - New Developer Community Moderator! Meet DC Moderators Team for 2018!

Hi, Community!

I have some good news for you!

I'm pleased to announce that Robert Cemper is a new Developer Community Moderator for 2018 year!

Robert joined DC in June 2017 and is responsible for a significant amount of experience, best practices and deep skills in InterSystems technology presented here in InterSystems Developer Community!

Congratulations, Robert! And thanks for your Yes to work as Moderator in InterSystems Community! 

And as some honorable man said, "With great power comes great responsibility" - handle your moderator power with care ;)

Here is the short bio Robert wants to share.

A few facts about me:

Born in Dec 1948  in Vienna. still here, still married (49yrs) 3 (aged) children (1 daughter, 2 sons in computers) 

My hobbies are classic music (opera + Tchaikovsky, painting - Ilya Repin), family (4 grand children), traveling, computers & software


Experience description, career path:

I started immediately after getting my degree (Dipl.Ing.==>Master) @ Tech.University in Vienna in 1972
at SIEMENS as SW engineer developing a Virtual Machine environment running a 1MB box on 56kB(!) memory.
In 1975 I joined OLIVETTI as Sales Engineer, acting as System and Networks Engineer

In 1978 I moved to DIGITAL EQUIPMENT Corp. as Sales & Support Engineer for MUMPS & DSM-11
and this was when I first met Terry Ragon (that just had founded InterSystems) while he
was teaching the Global Module for DSM-11 @ DEC-HQ in Maynard,MA

1980-1985 I developed a stand-alone operating system + extended MUMPS interpreter + DB + ECP like distributed servers  
on bare bone VAX hardware 
in competition to InterSystems' ISM / OpenM and DEC's DSM both running on top of VMS

Returned to DEC in 1985 covering several local an international Management positions until DEC was swallowed by COMPAQ

2002 I joined InterSystems as Senior Sales Engineer located in Vienna tied to Darmstadt
promoting Ensemble, DeepSee, ... from day 1 in AT, DE, UK, CH
running session on various global Summits mostly on CSP, ZEN, SVG Dashboards, ...
winning large customers and many benchmarks
My personal favorite: implementing R-tree search and beating Oracle Spatial by multiple decades

I retired in May 2014 after 12 yrs.+ with ISC
spent a year at University in Vienna with success but no fun
finally acted 2 yrs as Trainer/Advisor for Caché @ Frankstahl 

After 12 yrs as Senior Sales Engineer for  InterSystems, I still enjoy helping others to succeed with InterSystems’ products.


Congratulations, Robert! I believe Developer Community will benefit a lot with your new role!

So, Robert joins our glorious team of DC Moderators for 2018 and here is the whole team:

@John Murray

@Dmitry Maslennikov

@Eduard Lebedyuk


Dear DC Moderators! Thanks for your work and contribution in 2017! You are invited to have a yet another exciting year on InterSystems Developer Community as moderators because of your knowledge, experience and passion!  I'm sure this year would be very interesting!

Evgeny Shvarov, Developer Community Manager

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So long Robert! Welcome back... I knew you wouldn't be so far away :-)

Congratulations Robert! I'm always learning from you and looking forward to more opportunities to do so on the DC. All the best to you!



All my best to you and the other Moderators!

Welcome! Glad to have you here, Robert!



Congratulations Robert!

I am always impressed of your stories of the early computer age.

All the best and see you soon