Marvelous work.  WebSutdio + WebTerminal = nothing else needed?  :)

Great work. Happened to have noticed it's needed to un-handle the response at least in the new IRIS versions: 

/// Un-handle a 'Response'
Method OnResponse(request As %Library.Persistent, ByRef response As %Library.Persistent, callrequest As %Library.Persistent, callresponse As %Library.Persistent, pCompletionKey As %String) As %Status
// Subclass responsibility
Quit $$$OK //$$$EnsError($$$NotImplemented)

Great community and great forum. I did enjoy spending some quality time here - I felt it's easier, quicker and more efficient to write up here than on Medium etc directly.

BTW, Jose's post is great - now I know a better way to use Docker on Windows 10, confidently :-) 

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