· Dec 7, 2016

InterSystems Developer Community Birthday!

Hi, Community!

Today, the 7th of December  is the very good day - today is InterSystems Developer Community birthday!

One year ago this day we sent tons of  email invitations to you, dear members, to join DC.

And you joined and hope you like the site!

Please feel free to provide your feedback! 

Please provide only positive below in the comments, for the negative ones we have this page.

So, what do we have after a year?

How large are we?

Here is the picture:

We have 2,200 registered members from all over the world, a set of really helpful articles and the working Q&A forum.

We have the site which gives us knowledge, experience and sometimes fun!

Thank you for your contribution and participation!

We can make the place better, please share your ideas too.

We have great plans for the next year in Developer Community, stay tuned! 

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