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Developer Community Recap, June 2024

Hello and welcome to the June 2024 Developer Community Recap.
General Stats
128 new posts published in June:
 20 new articles
 29 new announcements
 77 new questions
 2 new discussions
297 new members joined in June
13,456 posts published all time
12,678 members joined all time
Top posts
Top authors of the month
#InterSystems IRIS
Searching the limits of new datatype VECTOR
By Robert Cemper
How to set up columnar storage in classes
By Iryna Mykhailova
Monitoring the growth of the database - Part 1: Data collection
By Ariel Glikman
Monitor Database Growth - Part 2: Graphical Interface
By Ariel Glikman
Monitor Database Growth - Part 3: Data Analysis
By Ariel Glikman
Moving specific settings from a Production to System Default Settings
By Theo Stolker
Multi-Volume Database Awesome Sauce
By Ron Sweeney
Connecting to Cloud SQL from Microsoft Power BI using ODBC and TLS/SSL
By Benjamin De Boe
How to perform specific actions when starting an InterSystems product
By Hiroshi Sato
Tasks flow with InterSystems IRIS Workflow Engine - Connecting to external applications
By Luis Angel Pérez Ramos
How to check the size of your data
By Tomoko Furuzono
Way to retain IRIS data in Docker Container for long duration
By Muhammad Waseem
Unity Catalog for IRIS Workloads - Collision Theory Confirmed
By Ron Sweeney
Ansible modules and IRIS demo
By Murray Oldfield
How to upload/download image files from an FTP server
By Hiroshi Sato
Creating a Simple React Web App with IRIS backend - Resolving CORS
By Xintong Li
How to output audit logs programmatically (by user or event)
By Hiroshi Sato
#Global Summit
#InterSystems IRIS
#Developer Community Official
#Global Masters
#InterSystems IRIS for Health
#Global Summit
#InterSystems Ideas Portal
InterSystems Ideas News #14
By Vadim Aniskin
#Learning Portal
#InterSystems IRIS
Where are the ODBC Driver for IRIS 2024.1 for Community Edition Users?
By Andreas Schneider
Request for Training Material
By Zulqarnain Turabi
Global Variable Map
By Anthony Master
Terminal in error state after runny buggy code is apparently unusable afterwards
By Andy Stobirski
Powershell and intersystems sql shell
By Veerraju Grandhi
Automation of Administration Tasks
By Veerraju Grandhi
iris terminal -U -P not working
By Veerraju Grandhi
%session & passing credentials between ZenPages that reside on different healthshare servers
By Carl Maklad
How To Calculate Date and Time in Different Column ?
By Steven Henry Suhendra
Difference between %Stream.FileBinary and %Stream.FileBinaryGzip
By Vincent Dheilly
Hiding specific strings in the Ensemble Message Viewer
By Stella Ticker
CREATE TABLE AS SELECT fails when one specific field is present
By Stefan Schick
How to read from a file
By Smythe Smythee
Which are the best practises to handle large JSON?
By Pietro Di Leo
Python interaction with Config.config class not returning gmheap size
By Veerraju Grandhi
ImportTasks method under %SYS.Task Class is not working for me
By Veerraju Grandhi
How to get Task Status through IRISNAtive/Python
By Veerraju Grandhi
Error importing globals from Caché to Iris
By Josep Balagué
Refresh databases on test system from production system
By Phillip Wu
Could any one please tell me the purpose of "Extent Index" in more detail
By Meenakshi Muthu
Prevent auto formatting after compilation in Studio.
By Alin Soare
Migrating source control projects from Subversion to Github with IRIS
By Kevin Kindschuh
rest api authentication
By Sylvie Greverend
Base64 encode Word document
By Oliver Wilms
How to convert an embeddings vector to be saved as %Vector
By Ditmar Tybussek
Long JSON Error {}.%FromJSONFile(file)
By Oliver Wilms
Long JSON values
By Oliver Wilms
Terminal Output - Unicode UTF8 - How to change the character set
By Veerraju Grandhi
By Oliver Wilms
How can i see the request size in kilobytes/megabytes?
By omer
How to send WRITE formatted output to a variable
By Lynn Lantz
Default settings
By Meenakshi Muthu
Increase performance of production
By Meenakshi Muthu
Types of Inbound and Outbound adapters and its methods
By Meenakshi Muthu
Is it possible to create constructor overloads ?
By Norman W. Freeman
Keyboard Mapping in iris session when using Windows ssh.exe
By Jeffrey Drumm
Deferred lock
By Meenakshi Muthu
how can we apply lock on objects
By Meenakshi Muthu
Difference between %ResultSet.SQL and %SQL.Statement
By Meenakshi Muthu
#InterSystems IRIS for Health
Problems after upgrading from Iris for Health 2023.1.2 (450U) to 2024.1 (267_2U)
By Pascal Breugelmans
FHIR Deserialize JSON FHIR to object Model
By Thembelani Mlalazi
Business Rule Editor Changes
By Scott Roth
Old mumps code debugging with vscode
By David Cui
API Response truncating?
By Michael Wood
Abort selected messages from queue
By Marykutty George
Message Body Details index- all seem same value?
By Mark OReilly
Create a unique constraint on an existing table
By Michael Wood
Interpreting Application Error Log
By Kim Trieu
How to apply huge amount of Biz Rules on a cloned object by using Rule Editor?
By William Liu
By Michael Wood
Looking for examples of creating a JSON web service as "business service" and converting the JSON data received to a HL-7 message in a Transformation.
By Will
How to remove line feed and carriage return from start and end, but not from the middle of a string
By Yone Moreno Jimenez
SQL DatePart Not Working With ISO 8601 Formatted Date & Time
By Carl (booz Allen) Deitrich
How to pass the cloned-object from one rule to another, and send the modified object to target Process or Operation in Rule Editor?
By William Liu
Finding the Inode value for a file
By Rich Taylor
VS Code client-side editing and class/package changes
By Robert Barbiaux
How to interpret FHIR.Interop.Response into Patient FHIR Bundle to use to enhance HL7 message
By Scott Roth
Upgrading from 2022.1.4 to 2024.1 HealthShare Health Connect Behavior
By Scott Roth
#InterSystems IRIS BI (DeepSee)
#InterSystems IRIS
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