I do not really have much information yet about an upcoming mission but i know it is about to seal a flatfile and then send it further. I think SHA256 HMAC will be used. There is a fixed sealkey to be used each time. Does anyone know if the Ensemble supports this ? I have looked in the documentation but not really found anything .


Michael Lundberg

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I was recently troubleshooting a problem on a Linux (RHEL) instance of 2016.1 at a site. For policy reasons their sysadmins wanted to update the Caché installation so it used network accounts for its cacheusr and iscagent users and groups instead of the locally-created ones that had been set up during original install of Caché.

To do this they ran various commands including chown

Afterwards non-root users couldn't obtain a terminal session using the csession command. Instead they receive this message:

cache: Permission denied

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Good morning, I have a ZEN application being served up through a CSPGateWay. That ZEN application is made up of two ZEN pages. One ZEN page uses a zenLink to call the other ZEN page(see below #1). The ZEN page that is called contains a tab group with one tab. That tab contains a tif image. I have components on the called ZEN page that execute JavaScript to perform simple image manipulations - zoom and rotate(see below #2). Those simple image manipulations have stopped working.

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Steve Pisani · Aug 25, 2016
ZEN Mojo onEvent() callback

Hi - Trapping onselect and onchange events that occur on layout objects seems to work fine, however, according to the documentation, I should also be able to use onevent, which is defined as follows:

onevent: Defines how the page behaves when another type of event occurs within a documentView (an event other than select or change).

and has the method signature:

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I've noticed that Management portal somehow manages to allow a single user to be in different namespaces in different tabs in the same application (i.e. Management Portal). I've looked at my Processes, however, and see that all of my processes using MgmtPortal think I'm in %SYS, even though 2 of them are looking at globals in two different namespaces; NamespaceA and NamespaceB.

I can even fool MgmtPortal because the first time I try to look at a global in NamespaceA it thinks I'm in %SYS! After a refresh, however, I can see the global in NamespaceA.

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NewBie's Corner Session 20 Parameters and Status Part I

Welcome to NewBie's Corner, a weekly or biweekly post covering basic Caché Material.


Parameters are another name for Variables when used in passing data from one Routine to another.

Let us say we have 2 routines (RtnA and RtnB), and we want to pass 3 parameters (Parm1, Parm2, Parm3) from RtnA to RtnB.

RtnA would look like:

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Welcome to NewBie's Corner, a weekly or biweekly post covering basic Caché Material.

MUMPS verses Caché, what's the difference?

MUMPS was developed at Massachusetts General Hospital during the 1960s. Through a series of experiences and companies over the years eventually MUMPS evolved into Caché. Some deny this but the facts are there. You can read through the various websites with Wikipedia and make up your own mind. The closest way to explain this is that Caché is a superset of MUMPS.

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Hi, I have a question about web applications.

First, I know that my ZEN application is using a web application called /OurAppName, but I honestly don't know why it's choosing that web application over the default of /csp/default-namespace, so if you can give me a hint as to how else the web application is set, please do let me know. I'd also love to see the web application's properties programmatically, if possible (such as the physical files path).

Our other web applications are called /OurAppName/NAMESPACE rather than /csp/namespace.

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Hello Fellow Cache Developers:

Has anyone ever created an index on values of a list property? If so, would you be willing to share an example?

Also, feel free to offer input and suggestions regarding use of indexes on List values.

Here is my database scenario:

Parent Class:

PropertyA - %String

PropertyB - %Integer

Child Class:

PropertyC - %Integer

PropertyD - list of %Integer

Data illustration:

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Rustam Ibragimov · Aug 30, 2016
Get to know the format

I know that Cache files can be stored as XML and UDL based files. Is there any way to determine in which format the file(class, routine, dfi and so on) is stored? Because you can easily name your XML based file as class.cls and it will be perfectly valid.

I know that one way to check whether this file is in XML format is just try to parse it like

Set st = ##class(%XML.TextReader).ParseStream(contentStream)

if $$$ISERR(st) return $$$NO

else return $$$YES

However, is there a better way?

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I am going to start playing with Zen Mojo (again) and as I understand it there are two ways to manage moving data to/from your Zen Mojo page:

  • interacting with REST services
  • using Mojo's built-in transport

I would like to understand the pros and cons of each approach. Which is recommended in different situations and why? I would like to create a sample application that will hopefully be reusable and helpful to others and I would like to understand which approach to pick for my app.

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Hello everyone,

I'm trying to authenticate a user(Health Share clinician) from a Java Application.

I 'm already connected to Caché and able to run SQL commands.

My question is: How can I authenticate a user using only SQL? In fact, what I want is verify if the users exists in the base and if the given password is the same used in Health Share.

There is a column 'password' in Security.users table but I'm not able to see its content, even so, I don't know which hash function to use to compare with.

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