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Odd. I just ran your exact query on IRIS for Health 2023.3 and it executed successfully.

The error message suggests that a macro isn't defined, specifically $$$vaDataSegName, which is found in (among others). Since you're working specifically with HL7 messages I suspect that include file is not available to the namespace in which you're running the query.

Looking through the HL7 2.5 OML_O21 structure as supplied by InterSystems, you'll find that there's a nested PIDgrpgrp() under ORCgrp().OBRgrp() that has a subordinate ORCgrp(). It looks like the parse is attempting to match on the required OBR segment in the nested PIDgrpgrp().ORCgrp().

You have a couple of options ... both of which require a custom schema to match your message. The first is to make the OBR segment in the PIDGrpgrp().ORCgrp() optional; the second is to remove the PIDgrpgrp() grouping entirely in the custom schema.

EDIT: The first option doesn't work since the ORC matches on the optional ORC segment in the nested PIDgrpgrp.ORCgrp(), which makes it attempt to match on the required PIDgrpgrp.ORCgrp().OBXgrp().

This is what DTLs are for. The example below shows a scenario using HL7 2.5.1's ORU_R01 message structure, where each OBX segment may be followed by one or more NTE segments. The OBX Set ID, Value Type and Observation Value fields are populated; the first by the value of tObxCounter, the second by the string "TX" and the third by the contents of the Note field. The highlighted area demonstrates the updating of newly added OBX segments with the contents of corresponding NTE segments.

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