Do you have a corporate mail server that supports SMTP relay? You would need to get the details from the administrator of the mail system. Some require TLS, some don't. Some require credentials, others don't. 

You can use GMail, in which case you would need a configuration of something like this:

Mail server? 
Mail server port? 587
Mail server SSLConfiguration? <SSLConfigName> <-- You would need to create this in Security | SSL/TLS Configurations
Mail server UseSTARTTLS? 1 

You will also need to supply your Gmail email address for the username, and an app password (created in your Google Account Security settings) for the Set Authentication option.

Your best bet would be to discuss your email delivery requirements with the mail server administrator of your organization; they should be able to provide you with the required values. If this is for a private/personal installation of Caché or IRIS, GMail is probably the easiest to configure and best documented.

If you create a class that extends Ens.Rule.FunctionSet, you can have a method that's selectable from the expression editor in either a DTL or a Routing Rule ...

Class User.Util.MetaData Extends Ens.Rule.FunctionSet
/// Retrieves the UserValue associated with key <var>pKey</var> from the message object supplied as
/// <var>pMsg</var> (normally <strong>source</strong> in a DTL or <strong>Document</strong> in
/// a Routing Rule) as a %String. Returns an empty string if the key is undefined.
ClassMethod UserValueGet(pMsg As EnsLib.HL7.Message, pKey As %String) As %String
    If pMsg.UserValues.IsDefined(pKey)
        Return pMsg.UserValues.GetAt(pKey)
    Return ""

I haven't found support for this yet. I have a need for this as well and am considering writing an adapter to support get/put operations using smbclient. If there's a better/quicker way to accomplish this, I'd be very excited to learn about it laugh

We had toyed with the idea of mounting all of the shares as cifs filesystems on the RHEL 8.5 hosts, but there are quite a few ... Dynamically establishing a connection and then performing the required operation is preferred.

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