Here's a little code snippet that the Management Portal uses to get the Arbiter state:

	Set state = $SYSTEM.Mirror.ArbiterState()
	Set thisConnected = $SELECT($ZB(+state,+$$$ArbiterConnected,1)'=0:1,1:0)
	Set otherConnected = $SELECT($ZB(+state,+$$$ArbiterPeerConnected,1)'=0:1,1:0)
	If 'thisConnected {
		Set stateString = $$$Text("This member is not connected to the arbiter")
	} ElseIf 'otherConnected {
		Set stateString = $$$Text("Only this member is connected to the arbiter")
	} Else {
		Set stateString = $$$Text("Both failover members are connected to the arbiter")

You'll need to add an Include statement for %syMirror to use the $$$Arbiter* macros.

Note that the ArbiterState() method is undocumented, and its behavior may change in future releases.

Does SYS.Mirror.GetFailoverMemberStatus() give you what you want? It has to be executed from %SYS.

%SYS>set sc=##class(SYS.Mirror).GetFailoverMemberStatus(.pri,.alt)

%SYS>zw pri

%SYS>zw alt

Not sure why yours is showing OpenSSL v3. I'm running IRIS for Health 2022. on a Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS (GNU/Linux 5.4.0-121-generic x86_64) physical host and I had no issues with installation.

My guess is that it isn't really complaining about openssl, but that libssl isn't at least version 1.1.1.

I'd try running (as root):

# apt install openssl
# apt install libssl1.1

These commands should install pre-compiled binaries. The first one should automatically install openssl 1.1.1f and the 2nd the same version of the libssl libraries.

And yes, while I haven't specifically used VirtualBox, I am a long-time user of VMWare on multiple platforms, with multiple Linux guests and versions of Caché/IRIS. Virtualization has, so far, very rarely been an issue.

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