James Breen · Aug 30, 2018

Machine Learning 101 Presentation

View Machine Learning 101 recording at:

In addition to our webinar on machine learning (, we are pleased to announce a basic introduction to machine learning presentation that provides an overview of the basic algorithms by @Don Woodlock, InterSystems VP of HealthShare Platforms. More such recordings are planned.

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This is an EXCELLENT primer for developers that have not yet explored machine learning.  I saw this live and learned a lot in 1 hour.  I highly recommend it.   Thank you Don Woodlock!

My pleasure!  Glad you liked it.

Bravo!!  I had never really seen a good 40,000 foot view of machine learning before, and this really suits the need!!

Thanks for your work on this Don!

Great - Thanks Ben.  Glad you liked it.  

I agree with John and Ben. This video was excellent!