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Thanks for the suggestion, Jeffrey.

I did try this out before, but this causes the messages to get caught in a loop. That is because after the router receives the response (#7 below), it will send a response to a new target specified by the rule set (new target = boHL7FileOut). But because Response From has some value, the router will generate a local response after some time and then send that response to itself...going on and on.

From the Response From property documentation: 

"If none of the listed targets gets called or the replying target does not return a document, this router will generate an ACK response if needed."

Is there some other way to control when the router should generate a local response? 

Thanks for putting in all this work, Dmitriy! I've been using this plugin for a few months and enjoying it.

Posting question here about the UDL preview from XML exported classes. I'm not  sure I've been able to get this to work. My project has a legacy repo that only uses XML exports (current repos are using UDL format). I've pointed my working directory to the root  location of these XML export files. When I have the "automatic preview" setting enabled, I expected the plugin to translate the XML to a UDL form in the editor. Is this how it works? 

Also, would I be able to modify the UDL content or is this a read-only feature?

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