That's for sure, changing the $Timezone is the last approach.

However I've been testing with HS.Timezone.Server.Service and I think that I'm getting something useful, and seeing the docs I'm seeing that it has the TZ database embedded

Of course future can't be predicted but each release can have the up to date DB.

Will do it via Java or Py with a connector

It shows the server offset to UTC.

My tasks look like this:

Take out trash 08:00 Europe/Madrid
Take out trash 08:00 Asia/Tokyo
Take out trash 08:00 America/New York

These tasks are executed every day, and need to be executed on my server that is in Africa/Cairo timezone, but need to be executed at the correct UTC time.

Today (22 October 2021) the UTC conversions for 08:00 of the indicated timezones are as following

06:00 22.Oct

23:00 21.Oct

12:00 22.Oct

But on november the 10th it will be

07.00 10.Nov

23:00 9.Nov

13:00 10.Nov

That times are the UTC times when I need to execute my task.

How can I convert 22 October 2021 08:00 Asia/Tokyo to 21 October 2021 23:00 UTC

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