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It shows the server offset to UTC.

My tasks look like this:

Take out trash 08:00 Europe/Madrid
Take out trash 08:00 Asia/Tokyo
Take out trash 08:00 America/New York

These tasks are executed every day, and need to be executed on my server that is in Africa/Cairo timezone, but need to be executed at the correct UTC time.

Today (22 October 2021) the UTC conversions for 08:00 of the indicated timezones are as following

06:00 22.Oct

23:00 21.Oct

12:00 22.Oct

But on november the 10th it will be

07.00 10.Nov

23:00 9.Nov

13:00 10.Nov

That times are the UTC times when I need to execute my task.

How can I convert 22 October 2021 08:00 Asia/Tokyo to 21 October 2021 23:00 UTC

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