Anastasia Dyubaylo · Jan 3, 2020

The Best InterSystems Developers Articles In 2019

Hi Community! Here is a digest of the Most Noticed InterSystems Developer Community Articles for 2019. Please welcome!
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@Mark Bolinsky - your article is the most viewed this year! Not surprised )

@Henry Pereira  - congrats on the most voted article - everybody agrees that unit tests are 'the must' but not everybody is using it ;) And voting for this is almost using this! :)

@Henrique Dias - and yours the most discussed, perhaps the monitoring is the hottest topic! Wish we add it to ZPM to make the installation instant.

Thank you, gentlemen! 

And thanks all for contributing such great articles this year!

Thanks @Evgeny Shvarov  

I'm working on an update in the IRIS History Monitor, using the new IRIS API and WebService in version 2019.4

Besides that, I include the module.xml file, making the ZPM installation possible.

This is fantastic, Henrique!

Looking forward install IRIS History Monitor via ZPM! 

Hi guys! 

We had an issue with ratings that is fixed now. But the list of best articles is updated - there are new articles and new heroes of the year! Congrats!