· Feb 2, 2020

Transaction-Handling with IRISProviderCore21

will InterSystems fix the Transaction-Handling for  the  .Net Connection Provider?

Nor the  Property IsTransactionAcvtive nor TransactionLevel is set on the  Connection  when using BeginTransaction.

Latest PreView will give me   problem as InterSystems removed removed the TStart() Option to create the Transaction that way which gave back a TransactionObject whith working versions...

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Hi Raj, on writing test code for you i noticed that this might be a "interpretation" problem.

I assumed that - as son as the transaction is started - the property IsTransactionActive will be true. In Fact this property is True only after the first Transaction is executed. 

It would be very practical if i could detect from a connection if a Transaction was started - Additionally i'd like to have  access to the IrisTransaktion on the Connection itself - would make programming very much easiere....