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Thanks guys! I could not find helper links to these methods in the ADO .NET Managed Provider class Intersystems.Data.CacheTypes.CacheStatus so I have to proxy to these Intersystems methods via my own Helper class 

Class App.Status.Helper Extends %RegisteredObject

ClassMethod GetOneStatusText(pStatus As %Status) As %String
    Quit $system.Status.GetOneStatusText(pStatus)


This is because by default, when you have an error status, CacheStatus.Message property contains a string formatted as  Error  #5001: CustomerID not valid

There's one odd thing in the documentation (Cache 2018.1.3) under %SYSTEM.Status and that is the method signatures for some of these methods

classmethod GetOneErrorText(statuscode As %Status, index As %Integer, language) as %Boolean
classmethod GetOneStatusText(statuscode As %Status, index As %Integer, language) as %Boolean

Surely, with "Text" in the method name the return type should be a %String? Why does it say %Boolean?!

Statistical performance metrics isn't what I'm looking for. Rather than a simple number or metric, I'm looking to actually map global structures - similar to what the journal is doing with sets and kills but for a specific routine or set of routines. Also some code doesn't execute but it is still important to identify references to globals.

A few of things you could try:

  1. Restore any changes you made to the registry using a backup
  2. Use a system restore point to restore your system to a point before the Caché installation
  3. Use a newer build of Caché eg. Caché 2018.1.3.414 if you are able to.

Alternatively, you might want to contact Intersystems WRC directly or try an installation on a clean system to see if you get the same error. We have a number of small teams in our organisation that use Caché. Our application support team wanted to simplify upgrades to Caché so they designed a simple batch script and published it through SCCM for Windows 10 clients.  The script was based on the 'unattended installation' commands described in the installation guide and involved removing previous Caché versions before installing the desired version. You also might not need the full-kit for your needs - particularly if you are connecting to a remote Caché instance from the Windows 10 client and you use Atelier or VSCode for development.

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