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Jeffrey Fried · Jan 29, 2020

Health Connect 2020.1 preview is published

Preview releases are now available for the 2020.1 version of HealthShare Health Connect!

 Kits, Container images, and evaluation keys are available via the WRC's preview download site.

The build number for these releases is 2020. first release was build 197, updated to 199 on 2/12/20)


HealthShare Health Connect 2020.1  has many new capabilities including:


Draft documentation can be found here:


The platforms on which Health Connect 2020.1 is supported for production are detailed in the Supported Platforms document.

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The Preview has been updated with build 2020.   This includes a variety of changes, primarily corrections for issues found under rare conditions in install, upgrade, and certain distributed configurations.    None of these changes impacts any published API.

Thank you for working with the preview and for your feedback!