· Feb 7, 2020

IRIS - Periodic Forced Refresh in Management Console

I'm not sure what the purpose of this is, but the Management Console causes the browser to refresh periodically. If you're in a form or an editor such as the DTL or Routing Rule editors, you may lose work unless you save frequently. This did not occur in Caché 2018 and earlier releases.

I've had a couple of incidents where I've created a number of rules in the DTL editor, answered the phone or stepped away for a few minutes, then come back to find any work since the last save erased.

I've noticed this in both 2019 and 2020 releases of IRIS.

Heads up!

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You can stop this behavior with the following commands but be aware that this may cause screens such as the production configuration and the production monitor to not automatically refresh when connections are lost, etc.    Therefore it is not recommended to do this on a production instance.   

The issue was initially seen with multiple tabs/windows on the same user, but has now also been seen with multiple users in the management portal into the same namespace.

For a workaround you'll need to set the following global. In all namespaces that you are developing within. 

SET ^%SYS("Portal","EnableAutoRefresh")=0

We have seen some instances where that doesn't completely work. If there are still issues you can disable the inactivity timeout. (I  suspect that a timeout on one portal screen is causing all screens to refresh)

 SET ^EnsPortal(“DisableInactivityTimeout”,”Portal”)=1