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found out about the second; That only affects raw Globals without ClassDefinition...

Obviously a problem of how "Types" are constructed; partly they're embedded in the data; partly it's part of the ClassDefinition?

So just guessing; The problem with storing decimal values is because at the level inserting data via IRISList you don't have info about the Scale-Factor - does this make it impossible to store data internally?

in addition retrieving values from IRISlist somehow ist strange as well.
there are multiple values i could add to a list but will be retrieved as different types:
long -> int/ or long, depending on the value
short -> int
bool -> int
float -> double
string -> byte[]

will that stay like that or is there room for improvements?

good idea; i can see the point now: As %SYSTEM.OBJ.LoadStream() Method checks if Parameter <stream.IsCharacter> it fails as the parameter is passed as "No-Object".
With 2019 libs i had the opportunity to pass in native CacheObjects - that's not possible with this architecture and IRISObjects?

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