Using the method ##class(%SYSTEM.Process).GlobalReferences() I'm able to know how many global references has been done in the process. But I'd like to know how many of those references has been done by my code and how many has been done by Cache itself.

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We are using the Ens.Alert alerting process to send alerts (via email) to our external service desk application (Service Now). 

Is there a way to suppress multiple alerts for the same error (within a specified timeframe)? (Either Rule or BPL?)  (i.e.  a system starts sending bad data which fails validation or is NAKd by a downstream system -- causing every message to create an Alert.)

Otherwise, every message creates an Alert, which creates a ticket in Service Now.  






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Hello Cache experts,

Has anyone tried using Cache object script to check windows service is running or windows service installed or not on same computer or remote computer ? basically i am trying to develop cache program which will check "windows service" running or installed on current computer or remote computer. Based on the status of this windows service, i want to write some business logic in our application. Any suggestions will be more welcome

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In previous articles on iKnow, we described a number of demo applications (iKnow demo apps parts 1234 & 5) that are either part of the regular kit or can be easily installed from GitHub. All of those applications assumed you already had your iKnow domain ready, with your data of interest loaded and ready for exploration. In this article, we'll shed more light on how exactly you can get to that stage: how you define and then build a domain.

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I'm using studio for the first time.  I copied the Security.Users Class to my own UCDavis.Security.Users

I can't edit the copied file.  I totally get why I can't edit the Security.Users class - but why is it stopping me from editing the class I created??


Thanks in advance!



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Hello guys,

One thing keeps annoying me and I'm pretty sure it does many other people (my workmates as well, lol): every time I access the 'Message Viewer' screen, the 'Time Format' come with 'Time only' as a default. Can I make 'Complete' as the default value for it?


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The release of IBM POWER 8 processors with AIX 7.1 introduced up to 8 SMT threads per processor core (logical or physical).  Which SMT level (1, 2, 4, or 8) to use can be confusing and varies based on multiple factors.  This article is meant to help with a starting point for your specific application.

Firstly, if running on a version of 2014.x or older, it is advised to use SMT 4 or lower.  SMT 8 with those older versions of Cache' has shown a decline in performance and scaling in benchmarking applications.

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Joan Cruz · Aug 2, 2016
Use of $ZUTIL(49) is deprecated

Hi all,

I'm using $ZUTIL(49) to get information of the databases I want to add to a mirror. This information is passed to ##class(SYS.Mirror).CatchupDB(plstPathDatabases)  in order to Catchup all databases addes to a Mirror.

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I have a NewBie Question.

I have been playing around with "Basic CLass Queries."

I  have defined a very simple "Basic Class Query." (see below)

However, I cannot find in the I/S documentation how to execute this query.

Any help is appreciated.


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We are creating a package (written in Caché Object Script) that will provide access to an external DB (MySQL). Because applications that use our package will be run from machines with various, potentially unexpected, operating systems, we’d like to establish a connection to the external DB without using DSNs (we’ve heard that setting up DSNs on certain non-Windows machines can be cumbersome and problematic).

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I'm doing some Schema changes.  I used our existing standard schema as a base, which was already based on 2.3.  So let's call our existing one Custom.MHC.Schema (based on 2.3).  I created Custom.MHC.Schema.Advanced (based on Custom.MHC.Schema) and copied down one of the code tables then made a change to it.

When I ran a message through, the code table change didn't show up.  I noticed in the message viewer that the DocType is still Custom.MHC.Schema:ADT_A01 but the DocType Category is Custom.MHC.Schema.Advanced.

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I'm getting the above error.  My zen page calls other javascript methods  and other server methods just fine.  But when I call my  method, I get the error.  Yes, I've tried making it look exactly like the methods that work.  But for some reason, it doesn't seem to know that DoLogout is a zen method. 


Anyone ever get this error?






for example

ClientMethod logout() [ Language = javascript ]  {   zenPage.DoLogout();  }

Method DoLogout() [ZenMethod]   {   //blah blah  }

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Hi, Community!

You know, that when we build hierarchies in DeepSee dimension all the members of lower level should be the part of one member of the higher level.

If not you'll get some empty results in MDX queries with this hierarchy.

With Time dimensions the obvious valid hierarchy is Year->Month->Day, cause every Month consists of one Year and every day consists of one month. 

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I want to override the Get and Set methods of a class property.  The class maps to a pre-existing global. The property is defined like so:

Property Invalid As %Library.Boolean;

with the property mapping to a node like ^GLOBAL(Code,"INVALID")=1
Code is a property in the same class.

The value can be 0 or 1 or the node might not exist. When it doesn't exist I want the value of the SQL field to come out as 0 (false).

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Cache 2015.2

I need to get a sort order stored in my database with mutiple decimal places, but I want the string stored and retrieved EXACTLY as I enter it. so if someone enters 700.3000 I don't want cache to treat it as a decimal and strip the trailing zeros storing it as 700.3

once it comes back, I want the sorting to sort AS STRINGS, again, none of that stripping training/leading zeros.

this ay, I can create local arrays in exactly the order they think? they created them

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