· Sep 10, 2020

Requiring Information on CACHE and IRIS.

Hello there community, 

I am pleased to say that i have started building a product and I have chosen InterSystems technology to be used in it. 

But I have a confusion with regard to it. 

I actually have to come to a conclusion to whether to use CACHE or IRIS. 

I will be using a lot of data and also integrating it along with Python for DEEP and Machine Learning. 

Also I do not have an idea of how to get the licensed version of either of that. 

I would like to get hold of this and also would like to try out the free version of either Data Bases before moving on to large scale production. 

So please help me out with it. 

Thanks a lot in advance. 

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Hello there @Mohamed Haneeq . 
warmly welcoming you  to the community. 

Well answering to your question, I would suggest that going along with IRIS will be the best and perfect match for you as per your requirement. 

And also i will add the link to from which you can download CACHE as well as IRIS and try it out for free.

Hope I have answered your question and wish you a best of luck. 

Hi Mohamed,

there is no reason to start any new projects with InterSystems Caché. It's a platform that has proven itself for numerous years, but it's now being superseded by InterSystems IRIS, which builds on the same core strengths but has also been bolstered by pretty much all the new development at InterSystems over the past three years. 

This said, to complement Kevin's excellent list of links, you can also check out for a free trial hosted by us (so you won't need your cloud account just yet) and with more entry-level documentation and tutorials.


Hello there @Mohamed Haneeq,

Welcome to DC and hope you are building a great application in order to use a product of my company InterSystems. 

Well, answering to your question,

Cache and IRIS are indeed the same but IRIS happens to be a better version of Cache. 

It was Cache that was introduced 1st and then came IRIS which is more reliable and powerful compared to Cache. 

I would suggest that you use IRIS for your purpose and if you need to know how to download and use IRIS I have published an article on it. You may please take a look at it and I will also leave the link for you.

I hope that I have answered your question and hope that my article is useful for you my friend. 

Thank You so much. 

Regards and Good Day.