· Oct 19, 2020

POCT01-A protocol for glucose monitoring devices?


Has anyone used Health Connect/Ensemble to receive results directly from POCT devices (Glucose monitors etc)?

I've been looking for information on the POCT01-A  protocol, and as far as I can tell it is a HL7v3 XML schema, I should be able to get results from these devices, though I expect I need a webserver endpoint. (though I can't find any reference in the Health Connect documentation)

Does anyone have any knowledge of this?




EDIT:  from the silence I'm wondering if this in normally handed off to specialist middleware?

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Hi Stephen,

Unfortunately, I don't have an answer for you from a product perspective in terms of support for POCT01. However, generally speaking, if you're talking about receiving HL7 V3 XML over what would presumably be a HTTP connection, you should be able to do that in Health Connect or IRIS for Health without the need of any middleware. You would need to set up a HTTP service in a new production and any downstream business hosts needed to properly process the data and orchestrate any workflow.

The scenario I could imagine where specialty software would be needed is where there are regulatory or certification requirements around this protocol that cannot be met without extensive testing of a custom solution built 100% in Health Connect.

I hope that helps!


Matt Spielman