· Sep 10, 2020

How to get up the ladder in the Global Masters?

Hello there friends, 

I am new to DC and I need to advance up my self. 

I see that we get awarded with badges and so on through that process. 

But i do not exactly get the idea of it. 

I see that we have a challenge of becoming the insightful commenter and so on. 

I would like some one to help me out with it so that i could get to the next level. 


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Hello @Kevin Johnson, 

In order for you to go up the ladder of the Global Masters you need to be a member 1st, which I believe you already are and which is why you are asking this. 

If you are not a member already please do Join it so that you can get more benefits. 

Please refer to the below link for more details.

Thank You @Kurro Lopez for sharing that link. 

Good Day every one.