Rajasekar Balas... · Oct 6, 2020

Setup CI pipeline with IRIS on AWS

Hi, I am new to IRIS and We are planning to setup a CI pipeline on AWS VM deploying the iris data platform container. I am trying to find out which folders needs to be inside the source control and where (exact folder) the updated code needs to be pulled in the container. I would be much obliged if anyone cant point the CI CD related documentation.


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Hi Raj:

This article is not about AWS but it clearly explains how to set it up with Gitlab so I hope you can find your answers.

If you use containers, when you build them you'd be installing your solution code from a file or a series of files. you'd probably be copying them in the container and importing and compiling them. You could also do that before and just copy in the container the IRIS.DAT containing the code.. it depends.

You should also look and consider the ZPM package manager for packaging and moving your code around.

I hope this is of some help in your investigation