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Hope you have already put in your schedule the visit to InterSystems Global Summit 2017 which will take place on 10-13 of September in remarkable JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort and Spa.

This year we have Experience Lab, The Unconference, and 50 more other sessions, regarding performance, cloud, scalability, FHIR, high availability and other solutions and best practices.

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· Jul 7, 2017 19m read
Indexing of non-atomic attributes

Quotes (1NF/2NF/3NF)ru:

Every row-and-column intersection contains exactly one value from the applicable domain (and nothing else).
The same value can be atomic or non-atomic depending on the purpose of this value. For example, “4286” can be
  • atomic, if its denotes “a credit card’s PIN code” (if it’s broken down or reshuffled, it is of no use any longer)
  • non-atomic, if it’s just a “sequence of numbers” (the value still makes sense if broken down into several parts or reshuffled)

This article explores the standard methods of increasing the performance of SQL queries involving the following types of fields: string, date, simple list (in the $LB format), "list of <...>" and "array of <...>".

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I'm currently exploring alternatives to CSP/services and ODBC/Sql Maps for access to Caché. I'm not seeing a library which would interest me, so am considering creating one myself.

Does 'CacheConnection' in C# use RPC of some sort, or a defined protocol to communicate with Caché, or does it do so over telnet with scripted commands? I would assume the former. If so, is this a publicly documented protocol that can be implemented by library developers?

Any guidance in this area would be appreciated.

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Hi Community!

Check the new video on the. InterSystems Developers YouTube Channel:

Many Data Sources - One Application

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I restored one database on Server B with EXTSELCT^DBREST command from backup file (this backup file is taken from Server A).

When I execute select some rows from one table, it return error like this,

the same select sql can return correct data in server A

But when I select other rows from same table on Server B, it return correct data.

Why? maybe the backup file corrupted?


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"SELECT %SYSTEM.SQL_TableExists('table name') "could work as expected under SQL shell,

but for "CALL %SYSTEM.SQL_TableExists('table name')" does not work (not any error reported, it just show nothing).

Is there any reason why CALL could not be applied to a stored procedure?


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I needed to pass through a file with Ensemble but the operation wasn't writing some filenames as given because the EnsLib.File.PassthroughOperation 'sanitizes' filenames removing characters that are not valid on some operating
09000655_AEDC_C3344059_A&#47;E_Martin Browne_09000655_201706221018.pdf

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· Jul 4, 2017
Atelier & Git?


we are trying to use Atelier and GitLab for our Software-development. Our Software has round about 1000 classes that got developed over years.

What we want to achieve is that one repository holding the complete code of one namespace. We also want to create branches to develop new small parts.

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· Jul 3, 2017
Way, way out of my price range

I know this may sound like sour grapes, but really it is not.

I hear all the exciting things about the up coming InterSystems Conference, and I am sure it is.

But it is way, way out of my price range, and I am sure out of the price range of most of the Cache/MUMPS developers, without company backing.

Just wondering what others think.

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Good day, I would like to find out the size of Caché ObjectScript variable in order to guarantee that my program will not leak, equally in terminal and Caché globals. For example how huge number I can store in that variable ? And what happen in Caché when variable will leak ? How is this behavior treated? (how much memory is reserved for common variable?)

Thanks in advance for your answers.

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Dear All,

I would like to block ADT_A18 and ADT_A47 HL7 2.3 messages with an empty MRG:1 field.

This is to prevent my current HL7 ADT router (Business process) sending blank Merges downstream.

I've attempted to create a business rule where this would return out the business role process. However the messages still loop though the other rules.

Any advice would be great.

Kind Regards


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I need to convert a array (JSON) in a List Of String. I think, there is some method that does it directly.

Something like that:

SAMPLES>set list = ##class(%ListOfDataTypes).$fromJSON("[""a"",""b"",""c""]")

%FromObject+21^%Library.RegisteredObject.1 *%Exception.General Compose Compose %FromObject Unable to map frm %Library.Array instance to %Library.ListOfDataTypes

I have reading about this but I don't found some trick to help me.

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Hi Community!

Please find the Developer Community video of the week:

Monitoring : Don't Turn a Drama into a Crisis

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Hi everyone!

We have many severs (DEV, QA and LIVE) besides many other slave servers (about 133) that are running Caché instances. Before writing this utility myself, I would like to know if anyone has done it before. We need to change the SuperUser password and do other credential setups like this on all of these servers and we don't want to do it one by one.

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I would like to start a discussion regarding Caché Objects and Caché SQL.

It is my understanding that the creators of Caché Objects see Caché SQL as the reporting arm of Objects and as such SQL is essential to Caché Objects.

I once met a Caché Objects programmer who was writing code to $Order through the Globals because that person thought that Caché SQL was too slow and inefficient. I attempted to convince the person otherwise.

So, what say you? Is SQL essential to Caché Objects?


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Is there a way to use a HL7 field value as part of the File Naming in the Business Operation FileOperation class. I know we can do this in a custom class, but I was wondering if it could be done the default FileOperation class?


MSH-4 contains the value 12345

We would like to name the file 12345_YYYYMMDDHHMMSS.HL7

MSH.4 value here_%Y%m%d%H%M%S.HL7

It may not be possible, but I just want to see if anyone has any information


Kevin Brown

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Hi Community!

Check the new video of the week on the InterSystems Developers YouTube Channel:

Adding Alchemy to Unstructured Data

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