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Raj is a product manager at InterSystems focused on developer experience. He pioneered Web mapping-as-a-service in the late 1990s with Syncline, a startup he co-founded. After that he finished his PhD in Information Systems for Planning at MIT, creating a distributed computing architecture for urban information systems based on web services design patterns.

He then worked for a decade on spatial data interoperability challenges with the Open Geospatial Consortium helping governments work with software companies to share and manage geographic information for natural resource management, disaster relief, and defense coordination.

Prior to joining InterSystems, Raj worked in developer relations for database and data science cloud offerings at IBM.

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Hi @Will. Sounds like you are coming from a Windows environment and looking for the equivalent of "the cube". That doesn't exist on MacOS, so like the other Unix-based systems on which IRIS is available you take a command line approach to connect to remote servers by connecting to a remote instance. Also, Studio is Windows-only, so with Mac development it's a great opportunity to migrate to VS Code with ObjectScript extensions

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