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Hi Yuri:

Got this message from support for the site:

"The video isn’t actually freezing – this is unfortunately a side effect of how this presentation was recorded. They recorded a video of the Paltac presenter and paused it at various points so others could talk. So while it appears as thought the video is frozen, it’s actually just a paused visual while other audio happens."

OK, here are the 10 most popular sessions so far:

1. Gettinig to Know FHIR: The Best Explanation of FHIR They've Ever Heard (Registration Closed)

2. How InterSystems Supports CMS & ONC Regulations as well as Prior Authorization

3. Analytics with InterSystems: New & Next

4. Using Python with InterSystems IRIS

5. API Management with InterSystems IRIS

6. InterSystems IRIS FHIR SQL Builder: Sneak Peek

7. Health Connect Cloud

8. Unified Care Record: New & Next

9. The Future of HealthShare in the Cloud: Containers/Kubertnetes

10. Updates in Security

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