· Oct 21, 2020

Promo video + Screencast for No Project Mess By IRIS

Hey Developers,

Don't miss the new exciting promo video from our Brazilian developers on InterSystems Developers YouTube:

🍿 Promo video + Screencast for No Project Mess By IRIS
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⬇️ No Project Mess By IRIS – give it a try!

No Project Mess is a simple app to help developers and small business companies deal with "Real World" problems in projects and tasks management. Offering different views to task management, like a spreadsheet, kanban, scheduler, or even Gantt. 

Big applause for such creative guys:
👏🏼 @Henrique Dias
👏🏼 @Daniel Franco 
👏🏼 @Jaime Muller 
👏🏼 @Fabiano Sanches 
👏🏼 @Renan Lourenco
👏🏼 Daniel Jun Nakata Gonçalves Dias 

Enjoy watching this video and stay tuned!

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