Kevin Johnson · Apr 21, 2020

How to download IRIS for Health?

Hello every one, 

I am a rookie and i am willing to gain some experience on IRIS for Health by doing some development. 

I went through the website and found only an online development environment. 

But I want to take it a step further ahead bu downloading the software for my own and trying something new. 

But, unfortunately I did not find a link to download the IRIS for Health.

I would be pleased if there is any one who has the link to help me out with it. 

Hoping to hear soon. 


Stay Blessed. 

Stay Safe. God Bless. 

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The  best option is to work with  IRIS for Health Community Edition which is free for development and education.  You can get this from either Docker as a container you can use on your system or on AWS, Azure, or GCP if you want to work in the cloud.  AWS, at least, has a free tier that is good for 750 hours a month up to a year.  This is more than adequate for education and simple development.  I have used this for demos for a time.

if you follow the link in the top bar for 'Learning'  you will find many education resources including some quick start topics on IRIS.  And, of course, you can ask questions here.


If you are interested in a full kit install rather than a container, you can get yourself a full kit of InterSystems IRIS For Health Community Edition from:

(If you are interested in a container, see the other answers people have already given you)

HTH - welcome to the community and feel free to ask any questions here as you are learning / gaining your experience!


Thanks a lot every one. 

Appreciate it and also these comments and guidance means a lot to me. 

Stay safe.

God Bless.