· Nov 4, 2020

InterSystems Package Manager ZPM 0.2.8 release

We released a new version of ZPM (Package Manager)

New in this release:

1) Interoperability support - support for dtl, bpl, lut, esd, x12 in module.xml

Now it's allowed to refer to DTL and BPL files. ZPM stores and uses them as CLS. 

    <Resource Name="ResourceTest.TestDTL.dtl"/>
    <Resource Name="ResourceTest.TestBPL.bpl"/>

Other interoperability components such as LUT, ESD, X12 should be in XML format  with .xml extension and expected in the folder named i14y (short form of interoperability)

    <Resource Name="Test_HIPAA_5010.X12"/>
    <Resource Name="hl7_2.5.LUT"/>

2) DFI files support

Allows multiple ways of defining DFI resources
By Fullname

<Resource Name="Sample Operational Reports-Auditing Overview.dashboard.DFI"/>

Wildcard with the folder name

<Resource Name="Sample Operational Reports-*.DFI"/>

Just everything

<Resource Name="*.DFI"/>

Limited by keywords, used only during the export.

<Resource Name="*.DFI" Keywords="myapp"/>
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