Olga Zavrazhnova · May 12, 2020

Global Masters Advocate Hub - Start Here!

Hi Community!

We're pleased to invite all DC members to join the InterSystems Global Masters Gamification Platform to stay up to date, get points for your contribution to DC and prizes! 


▶️  What is Global Masters?

Global Masters is a gamification platform, where you complete challenges (tasks) related to ISC technology, earn badges & points, and exchange points for a variety of rewards! 

Each week 5-10 new challenges are issued announcing the most interesting articles on DC, best practices, videos, official InterSystems news, learning, and also fun tasks. That's a good way to stay up to date!    

▶️  How does it look? Here's a sample of challenges and rewards:



▶️  Levels, Badges, and Privileges

There are 6 Levels in Global Masters. The higher level you are, the more valuable prizes and privileges are available for you. Contribute to Developer Community and Open Exchange, stay active on Global Masters to achieve the highest levels!

List of all levels and badges that will help you to advance to the next level.


▶️  How to Join  

  1. Go to, click on the "SIGN IN with your InterSystems login" button, and use your WRC credentials to join. 
  2.  After you logged in, find the challenge "Customize your program! START HERE!". This initial challenge unlocks prizes and new challenges that issued every week. Do not skip this challenge to get the most of the Hub! 

We are waiting for all InterSystems Developers in the GM Hub!

And we are very open to your feedback and ideas. Feel free to contact us at any time.

See you on InterSystems Global Masters today! 

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